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A/R Financing with BusinessManager™

If your growing business has sales but needs more consistent cash flow, A/R Financing may be the perfect solution.

With A/R Financing, Vast Bank will purchase your business's accounts receivable and then make consistent deposits into your account. This allows you to worry less about cash flow and more about growth

Key Benefits:

  • Your business gets the working capital it needs through regular deposits
  • Quick access to cash when your company needs it
  • No waiting 30, 60 or 90 days for payment on services already rendered

How it Works

Think about your accounts receivable and outstanding invoices as a form of collateral. With A/R Financing, Vast Bank will purchase the accounts receivable at a negotiated price. With those invoices in hand, we’ll make consistent deposits into your operating accounts giving you the cash flow you need without the wait.


Using Vast Bank’s online banking with BusinessManager™, you can submit your invoices quickly and on an ongoing basis. From there, the cash you need is deposited into your account by the next business day.
Using the BusinessManager™ online commerce feature, you can exchange receivables information quickly and easily with Vast Bank.
Additionally, you'll gain access to detailed management reports with important information on aged receivables, customer balances, credit applications and more.


Key Benefits of A/R Financing.


A/R Financing is a growth vehicle for small businesses. In fact, many owners are first drawn to the program because they’ve had to start turning away business due to cash flow constraints. By allowing you to fund new invoices upon receipt, A/R Financing positions you to manage growth with ease. During the program’s long history, businesses have seen growth rates ranging from 5% to more than 300% per year.

Cash Flow

What would life be like if every time you placed a new invoice in the mail, you received cashback within 24 hours?
How would that impact the way you manage your account's day-to-day? By financing your accounts receivable in a
predictable fashion, you are free to manage your business as you see fit. No more running to the mailbox 10 times a
day looking for that big check from a major client.


If you could pay all your suppliers within five days of invoice, would they give you prompt-pay or volume discounts in return? Could you negotiate better prices for the materials? Many owners have the option of 2/10 Net 30, but they simply don’t have the cash flow to take advantage of it. They’re trapped waiting for their own clients to pay, and it is costing them. With A/R Financing, you should never have to miss a discount.

Peace of Mind

Many business owners have commented that they sleep better at night knowing they have the cash on hand to run their business, instead of worrying whether they’ll get paid in time to make the next payroll or buy materials to fill upcoming orders.

Flexible Terms

Being able to offer flexible payment terms to your customers can significantly boost your bottom line. But too many business owners are held back from doing so by tight cash flow. By using A/R Financing to convert your accounts receivable to cash, you can help your best clients manage their terms, which in turn helps with their own cash flow. Do you have clients who would buy more of your product or service if you could offer more flexibility?

Vendor Relationships

Stronger vendor relationships create opportunities for your business. Consistently paying your vendors early will make you a preferred client. This was evidenced time and again after the 2008 recession. Vendors dropped their inventory levels to manage overhead. When competing orders came in and they had to decide which one to fill first, they consistently chose those clients who paid them in a prompt, predictable fashion.

Line Management

Many businesses have trouble managing their traditional lines of credit over time because they fail to properly revolve their line by paying down the principle as their accounts receivable pay them. Eventually, their line terms out, damaging their banking relationship and increasing their debt burden. With A/R Financing, you don’t have to think about how and when to pay down your line. Your customers’ payments are automatically posted to your line of credit, reliably reducing the balance and creating new credit availability.

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