From Valley to Vast


Since February of 1982, Valley National Bank has been a locally owned and independent financial institution that has served customers in Northeast Oklahoma and beyond. Our deep roots in the community and commitment to personal service have enabled us to grow alongside our customer base, creating conveniences and solutions to fit each individual’s specific problems and lifestyles.

In 1982, the broad adoption of internet banking and smartphones was decades away. Back then, the decision on where to bank was based mostly on relationships and the convenience of branch locations. Enterprise IT systems were emerging, and as a result, a new focus on delivering innovative banking solutions, such as the drive-thru and ATM, was born.

Since that time, rapid advancements in technology and business have drastically changed what people want from banks, and what banks can do for people. And while digital and mobile solutions have become the driver of access and convenience, personal relationships have never been more valuable in terms of service, expertise, and creative problem-solving. There still isn't an app for that.

“National banks typically focus on developing digital experiences, while regional and community banks focus on solutions built around people. But we think there’s a better way, so we’re positioning ourselves to do both, extremely well.”
– Brad Scrivner, President and CEO

This is why we are becoming Vast, a name that reflects our ever-evolving mission to serve our customers throughout their entire banking journey by building the best digital tools and providing the greatest in-person experiences when and where they matter most.

Valley National Bank Logo
Vast Bank Logo

What Vast Means

Vast implies big thinking and thinking differently. It represents possibility, without barrier or limit, and is indicative of openness. It is both a challenge and a promise internally and to customers that the bank will become something truly staggering in its customer experience and service, in its technology, in its responsiveness, and in its culture to always put the customer in control.

Starting now, our time, energy, and financial resources will be dedicated to building an advanced set of digital capabilities that will further enhance our longstanding commitment to developing personal relationships with our customers. We seek to deliver the ideal blend of high-tech and high-touch for our customers along every step of their financial journey - to be agile and ready for whatever they may need.

This is a fundamental change and we will never be done improving.
We will always be becoming Vast.

Our Mission & Promise

What it Means for Consumers

Our new name, Vast, is a signal of our aspirations and is representative of the customer mindset - one of dreams, opportunity, and pursuit. Simply put, we aim to continually innovate for our customers faster than any other bank of our size for the sole purpose of creating amazing experiences that are worth sharing.

In practice, this means four things:

We will understand customers deeply and come alongside them in their journey.

We have to know the problems people have in order to build tools and experiences that matter. Our new model will leverage both human and technical data to find and solve key customer pain points. As needs change, our deep knowledge of customers will allow us to deliver timely solutions that help get them where they want to go.

We will build unbreakable trust with our customers.

Trust is the basis around which all human relationships revolve. Without trust, there can be no relationship. We'll earn and keep the trust of our customers by delivering exceptional solutions, being authentic and sincere, and following through on our promises.

We will build the bank that excels at digital and in-person service and experiences.

We are defining what it means for a bank to be both high-tech and high-touch.

Technology is ideal for convenient transactions, but it can’t ask you the right questions or give advice from years of experience. In-person service isn’t always the right option for quick conveniences. But by blending the best technology and strong personal relationships, we can create the most powerful total experience that anticipates when customers need one over the other.

We will embrace change and continually innovate.

Based on what constant learning about our customers reveals, we will build new tools, products, and experiences. We will closely observe how people use these tools and measure the impact that they make in their lives. This information fuels a process that continually iterates to make our products and services more valuable and seamless for the customer.

Being the biggest bank is not our goal, but being the best bank is. In order to do this, we'll strive to be the right things at the right times for our customers.

Our New Corporate Headquarters


On June 15th, 2018, we broke ground on a six story, 100,000 sq. ft. building in Downtown Tulsa that will serve as our new corporate headquarters. In addition to tightly aligning with our long-term strategic plan, we believe having a presence in downtown Tulsa will provide better access to local business owners and the downtown community at large. More importantly, however, it's an opportunity for us to invest in the city we love and call home.


On June 15, 2018, we broke ground on our new corporate headquarters—a six-story, 100,000 square foot building in downtown Tulsa. Not only does this move align tightly with our long-term strategic plan, we believe it will provide a better connection to local business owners and the downtown community at large. More importantly, however, it's an opportunity for us to invest again in the city we love and call home.


Square Feet


For nearly four decades, Vast Bank has invested in the bold dreams of bold Tulsans. And we don’t plan on stopping any time soon—we intend to continue forging partnerships to make good things happen for Tulsa and its people.


Fall 2019

Projected Completion


This investment in downtown Tulsa is a strong statement that we are here for the long haul. It is the Biolchini family and Vast Bank stakeholders doubling down on Tulsa. We want to be a part of the growth and success of this incredible city for years to come.

- Tom Biolchini, Chairman


Becoming Vast: A Timeline

  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
Mar 2018

New Chairman, Tom Biolchini

In March 2018, the Valley National Bank Board of Directors elected Tom Biolchini as Chairman of the Board. Tom had previously served as Vice Chairman and succeeds his father, Bob Biolchini, who passed away in November of 2017. 
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Jun 2018

Groundbreaking of Downtown HQ

In June 2018, we officially broke ground at our new site Downtown Tulsa in the Greenwood District. 
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Sept 2018

Public Announcement of Digital-Only Product

In September 2018, our Fintech partner publicly released plans to go-live with a disruptive new banking model. Our partnership allows us to scale rapidly as demand for the product grows.
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Sept 2018

VNB Officially Commits to SAP/Axxiome for a Modern Digital Core

In September 2018, we announced our commitment to bring on SAP & Axxiome Digital to stand up the first SAP-powered banking core in the United States.
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Dec 2018

SAP Banking Services Platform

In Q4 2018, we became the first bank in the United States to stand up a banking platform powered by SAP, a global leader in Enterprise Software Development.

Key benefits of this milestone include a modern digital core architecture, cloud-based infrastructure, national scalability, improved security, and open-core technology for easy integrations.
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Jan 2019

Re-brand Public Announcements

In January 2019, we'll make public announcements that we're officially changing our name from Valley National Bank to Vast Bank, N.A. These announcements will precede a larger-scale initiative to overhaul digital environments, branches, and all customer-facing ecosystems.
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Feb 2019

Extended ACH Deadline and Streamlined ACH File Confirmation

In Q1 2019, the Vast Bank ACH deadline will move to 4:00 pm CT to give businesses more payment flexibility and additional time each day to originate ACH. We'll also streamline the ACH file confirmation process and minimize the requirement for cumbersome ACH transmittal forms.
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Apr 2019

Digital Product - National Launch

For 2 years, we've been working alongside a savvy Fintech to build and launch an innovative, digital-only bank product that has the power to change the way we think about banking. In March 2019, the product will go live nationwide.
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Apr 2019

New Bill Pay System

Our new Bill Pay system will offer new and expanded features specifically designed for the business client. Customers can expect to maximize cash flow and reduce timekeeping records by using a simpler interface to save recurring payments, add user controls, and set reminders. 
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Apr 2019

Streamlined Account Opening

In Q2 2019, our customers can expect a quicker, smoother account opening process. Our new system will minimize the efforts to exchange documents for new accounts and existing account changes. Customers will be able to utilize digital signatures for executing account documents which will cut down on paper and time. 
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Apr 2019

Branch Signage and Merchandising

In April 2019, we'll begin the visual transformation of our branches. 
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May 2019

Corporate Re-brand Go-live

On May 6th, we'll officially interface with the public as Vast Bank.
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Jul 2019

Online Account Opening

Customers will be able to open accounts online quickly and smoothly without ever setting foot inside a branch. 
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Dec 2019

New Downtown HQ Grand Opening

In December 2019, we'll officially be headquartered in Downtown Tulsa's Greenwood District. 
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Jan 2020

Begin Installation of Cutting Edge Loan Platform

In 2020, we'll be committed to standing up a cutting-edge lending program on the SAP banking services platform.
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March 2019

New Online and Mobile Banking Platform

Our customers have requested digital channel improvements and we've listened. In late 2019, we'll launch our SAP-powered internet and mobile banking platforms. This new technology represents a massive upgrade in every possible way.
  • Streamlined payments
  • Dynamic dashboard views
  • Simple, beautiful user interfaces
  • Content-rich data file options
  • Expanded international payment solutions
  • Simple-to-use self-service administration
  • Robust security
  • Online reporting
  • and much more!
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Apr 2019

More coming soon...

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Jul 2019

More coming soon...

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Oct 2019

More coming soon...

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