How do I get a cashier's check?

You can get a cashier's check at your nearest Vast Bank branch for a small fee.

You can get a cashier's check at any Vast Bank branch for a $3 fee. Find your nearest branch. 

What is a cashier's check?

A cashier's check is a check that is a drawn on a bank's funds rather than your own personal funds. It offers a secure way to pay in situations where a personal check is not appropriate, such as real estate transactions.

How to Get a Cashier's Check

  1. Know the Payee - You cannot get a blank cashier's check. You must have a payee. A cashier's check has the payee information completed on the check itself. Unlike a money order, on a cashier's check you can't write in the payee information yourself. It may be useful to take the payee to the bank with you, so that you have all the information you need.
  2. Determine the Exact Amount You Need - You need to know the exact amount before you get the check. The cashier will sign the check after verifying you have the funds in your account (or with you) to cover the amount of the check.
  3. Be Ready with Your Identification - You will be required to show your identification. Please bring a valid form of identification such as a driver's license or passport.
  4. Pay the Check - The amount of the check you are purchasing plus the bank's fee will be debited from the account into which you deposited the funds. Vast Bank charges a $3 fee. If you have an Interest Plus Checking account, you receive Cashier's Checks at no charge.
  5. Get a Receipt of Your Cashier's Check- Make sure to get a receipt in case you lose or damage the check; unlike a persona check, you can't simply tear it up and write a new one. The receipt will have the check number and date, allowing you to contact the bank in case you should lose the check for any reason. Be sure to keep you receipt in a safe place at least until the check has cleared.