How do I view my full account number?

Log in to online banking. Select "My NetTeller" and then "Account Info".

The account-listing page is the first page you will see after you log in. This page reflects your account information, such as your available online real time balance

To access your full account number, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Select the My NetTeller (Home Icon)
  3. Select Account Info 

As a security measure, the system will also show the last time you logged in and the total number of times you have logged in. You can reset the login counter located at the bottom of the "Account" page in the Customer Summary Information. From the Account Listing page you must "Select Option" to begin choosing the functions you are able to do, such as, initiate transfers, view current transactions, view range of transactions between dates, stop payments, email Vast Bank, or get help. You may also use the "My NetTeller" page as your landing page when logging in to NetTeller. My NetTeller offers the use of widgets for a different functionality to retrieve and organize your account information all on one page.