Where can I find my account number?

You can view your account number through the Online Banking Portal, Mobile App or on a physical statement or personal check.

Need help finding your account number? You have some options. You can view your account number in any of the following ways: 

Online Banking

To view your account number via Online Banking: 

  1. Log in to Online Banking from https://www.vast.bank/
  2. Select My NetTeller (Home Icon) 
  3. Select Account Info 


Don't know your Online Banking login information? Call 844-825-5399 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday and we'll get you started. 

Mobile App

You can view your account number on the Mobile App by viewing an online statement. To view an online statement using the Mobile App: 

  1. Login to the Mobile App
  2. Open the Menu and Select Statements
  3. Select the Account you wish to view and select a statement.
  4. Your Account Number is listed on the upper right-hand corner. 


Bank Statement

Your account number is listed on the upper right hand corner of your physical bank statement. 

Personal Check 

Your account number can be found right after the routing number and before the check number. See the example check below: