Why is there a hold on my money?

A hold is a temporary delay in making funds available

A hold is a temporary delay in making funds available. Here are the most common causes of a hold on funds.

A hold means there's money in your account that isn't available yet. We might place a hold on money for a number of reasons that delay its availability. For example, you might have deposited a Western Union money order for something you sold online. That's essentially a check deposit, subject to standard hold times. Or, your funds could be frozen because you used your debit card at a business that set a substantial pre-authorization hold.

If a merchant placed a hold on your account through your debt card, contact the merchant and ask them to release the funds. Those holds should fall off after several days, but they are especially problematic with hotels, rental cars, and gas pumps (and other situations where your final bill is unknown when you swipe your card).

In some cases, you won't be able to do anything about a hold. Vast Bank follows federal regulations that justify any holds to an account. In general, the available balance listed on your account won't include any funds on hold.

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