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Vast Bank New Mobile Banking App FAQs

You asked, and we listened! Vast Bank is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new, enhanced, Online and Mobile Banking experience. You will enjoy a cleaner, simpler, and more interactive online and mobile banking experience beginning August 6th, 2024.



Q: Where can I find the newest version of the Mobile App?

A: The newest version of the mobile app will be available in your app store beginning August 6th, search Vast Bank.


Q: What day do I need to start using the new app?

A: August 6th the app is live. If you just aren’t ready to switch yet, you will have until August 20th to make the switch. After August 20th, the old app will be view-only, and you will be redirected to the new app.


Q: Will any functionality be lost that I already use?

A: No, all the features you enjoy today will be available and so much more! At-a-glance spending pie chart, retirement & savings planning, budgeting, tagging expenses, FICO score and more.


Q: Will my custom alerts stay in place?

A: No, you will want to take the time to set up any custom alerts. Email, text and in app alerts are all available.


Q: If I don’t have mobile or online banking today, can I self-enroll?

A: Yes, this upgrade includes a self-enrollment process. Make sure you have your account number handy. (Does not apply to Commercial Accounts).


Q: Will I be able to access statements and tax documents?

A: Yes, they will be available in the document center.


Q: Does the new app have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

A: Yes, you will be asked to set up Two-Factor Authentication to help safeguard your account. Once this information is entered, you'll choose to receive a one-time verification code by either 1) Text message to the mobile number entered, 2) Automated phone call to the phone number entered, or 3) Authy or another authenticator app.


Q: If I get locked out, am I able to reset my own password?

A: Yes, this is also why MFA is helpful, it provides a level of security that makes self-directed password resets possible.


Q: Will I need to get a new username and password?

A: No, you will be able to log in with your current username and password.  


Important Dates

Your accounts will be in View Only Mode from August 21st through August 27th.

Balances and transactions will continue to update; however, please complete any necessary transfers prior to this date.

The conversion to our new Digital Banking platform will take place on August 6th. During this time, the previous Internet and Mobile banking platform will be available in View Only mode.

The new Digital Banking platform will be live on August 6th. On this date, you will be able to download the new app and log in to the new system.


Important Information to Enhance Your Digital Banking Experience

REMEMBER ME: The new Vast Bank Online and Mobile app login flow allows end users to opt into “remember me” functionality. Certain cookies or browser extensions can cause the “remember me” check to fail upon next login. This occurs when the device ID stored doesn’t match the device ID in the “remember me” cookie as a result of the cookies or extensions they have on their browser.

TRANSFERS: We are not able to convert your recurring or future dated external transfers. Therefore, you will need to reestablish those transfers in the new program. If the transfer is to a loan account, you will need to establish it in Bill Pay. End dates may not be established for recurring transfers. External transfer fees will now be charged on the day of the transfer as opposed to the end of the month.

Recurring and future dated internal transfers will not be debited or credited to an account until nightly update and will only be processed on business days. In our previous system, the debits and credits would happen by 9:30 am daily, including weekends.

ACCOUNT HISTORY: 120 days of account history will transfer with the conversion, and your transaction history will build with continued activity. EStatements prior to 120 days will still be available for your reference in the Documents section if you were previously enrolled in EStatements.

TRANSACTIONS: On the home screen, the transaction list includes transactions from all your accounts. You may view transactions from specific accounts by clicking on the account name.

EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS: Some external accounts may not be converted. Upon conversion, please verify your accounts. Note: you must have an owner relationship for an account to be connected to your profile.

SUPPRESSED ACCOUNTS: You may have accounts connected to your profile that were suppressed from your view in the previous system. These accounts will be viewable at the time of the upgrade. To suppress any of your accounts, click on the account you wish to suppress, select Settings, and turn off the button next to “Show in app.”

ALERTS: Any alerts established in the previous system will not transfer to the new system. You may reestablish balance and transaction alerts in the new system beginning on August 6th. When using our mobile app, you’ll need to enable notifications to receive alerts. SMS Alerts will come from 918-393-8505.


TEXT STATEMENTS: To view a non-beautified version of an electronic statement online, please ensure the “View Electronic Document” permission is checked.

INTUIT: The aggregated connection between your Bank and Intuit will be down for five to seven business days post live. We recommend any customers that are using any Intuit products to use Authy Two Factor Authentication. Symantec tokens and other 2FA methods have been known to cause connection issues.