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Better, Not Bigger: Understanding the Vast Bank Promise

By Vast Bank on 04.30.2019

In a world that thinks bigger is best, we beg to differ. We believe in meeting people where they are and moving toward their goals together. Being the biggest bank is not our goal, but being the best bank is.

A message from our leaders

Our leaders are longtime Oklahomans who know the value of putting people first. Vast Bank Chairman Tom Biolchini and President & CEO Brad Scrivner have a special message to share with you. This is straight talk - open, honest and real.  

The meaning behind “Vast”

Vast is representative of our customer mindset. One of aspiration, opportunity and pursuit. Vast implies big thinking and thinking differently. It represents possibility, without barrier or limit, and is indicative of openness. Vast is a way of describing our desire to meet all our customers’ needs. It is where we are heading in the future – progressive, tech-forward, sophisticated and bold—yet, surprisingly easy, familiar, trustworthy and secure.

Why the change?

Valley National Bank began in 1982 as the vision of the late Bob Biolchini who wanted to serve local entrepreneurs with the philosophy of helping businesses that larger banks often times ignored.

“We were made to dream, to create, to build and to prosper,” says Vast Bank Chairman Tom Biolchini. “Having an advocate along the way can help clear the path for people to claim their calling. ‘Vast’ captures our desire to meet our customers’ emerging needs by being a trusted partner that is savvy, bold, tech-forward, and also easy to do business with.”

Vast Bank remains under the same family ownership and management, but with a refreshed vision that builds on what Bob started almost four decades ago. Our bank is still one of the few remaining family-owned financial institutions in northeast Oklahoma.

CEO Brad Scrivner is confident that this change will position the bank to attract and partner with the next generation of customers and businesses.

“While our desire to support and empower the community has always been present—today it is bursting at the seams,” Scrivner said. “Two years ago, we began a transformation that is evolving our business to meet the changing needs of our customers and communities. Customers can expect everything from better apps and innovative products to streamlined underwriting and faster loan processing.”

We’re committed to being agile and ready for whatever our customers need, which means we will never be done improving.

We will always be becoming Vast.

Our Promise

Three key customer commitments define our promise:

We will understand customers deeply and come alongside them in their journey.

We have to know the problems people have in order to build tools and experiences that matter. Our new model will leverage both human and technical data to find and solve key customer pain points. As needs change, our deep knowledge of customers will allow us to deliver timely solutions that help get them where they want to go.

We will build authentic relationships with our customers.

Trust is the basis around which all human relationships revolve. Without trust, there can be no relationship. We'll earn and keep the trust of our customers by delivering exceptional solutions, being authentic and sincere, and following through on our promises.

We will embrace change and continually innovate.

Based on what constant learning about our customers reveals, we will build new tools, products, and experiences. We will closely observe how people use these tools and measure the impact that they make in their lives. This information fuels a process that continually iterates to make our products and services more valuable and seamless for the customer.

Like we said: being the biggest bank is not our goal. Our goal is to be the best bank for you. We'll strive to offer you relevant products and services that serve your goals and dreams. Welcome to Vast Bank!

For more information, visit www.vast.bank.

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