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The 5 Best Podcasts to Help You Manage Your Finances Better

By Vast Bank on 02.18.2020

Do you love listening to podcasts? We do too. While most of us might be riveted by consuming the latest crime series or pop culture commentary, it’s crucial to feed your mind on money stuff too. Narrowing down financial podcasts to determine which ones you want to check out takes a lot of time, so we’ve compiled a list of podcasts that are well-worth tuning in to as you seek to grow your wallet and financial well-being.

Best Podcasts to Help You Manage Your Money

So Money

Host Farnoosh Torabi interviews influential people and thought leaders about their relationship/experience with money; she also offers budgeting advice for specific questions and budget situations. Recent episodes include Investing and the Recession with David Stein (Ep. #957) and A New Career Track for Moms with Park Place Founder Samantha Ettus (Ep. #958). Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long, so it is a perfectly timed listen for your daily commute. 

Listen now: So Money Podcast with Fanoush Torabi

The Dave Ramsey Show

The nice thing about the Dave Ramsey Show is that it has a little bit of everything, including discussions on retirement, savings, and home buying and selling. As with all things Dave Ramsey, there is a heavy focus on debt repayment strategies and personal debt repayment stories. So, if you are working to get out of debt, this podcast may offer some inspiration (along with some tough love) for you in your journey. Episodes are 40 min long.

Listen now: The Dave Ramsey Show

The Side Hustle Show

This podcast is perfect for the entrepreneurial minded among us. Just what it sounds like, The Side Hustle Show is for those who want to generate income on the side — and maybe even ultimately make their side hustle their full-time work. The podcast covers strategies for growing your side hustle into a profitable business.

Listen now: The Side Hustle Show

Planet Money

If you want to go beyond the “what” into the deeper “why” the Planet Money podcast will fit the bill. This is an NPR podcast that focuses on various economic topics. It’s less personal finance and more understanding how the economy works in specific industries and situations. For instance, there is an episode devoted to talking about how food delivery services are changing the French Fry (check out Ep. #946 Fries Of The Future). This topic may be a bit off the wall, but when you think of it, are you a bit intrigued to know more? In approximately 20-minute long episodes, you can gain an understanding into the economics that drive change.

Listen now: Planet Money

Tip: Try dedicating your lunch hour or specific day where you tune into at least one of these podcasts. Keeping your money top of mind will help you discover strategies to reach your financial goals.

Any of these resources pique your interest? These are just a few of the many insightful finance podcasts out there. Let us know if we missed any of your favorites.



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